While a church can technically begin in a living room with little to no budget, we believe in doing all things with excellence as unto the Lord at Rock of Grace. Every church we plant will be a bit different, but all will require significant funds to establish location & staff. Locations will range from movie theaters to complete renovations. We’ll begin each church plant only hiring a lead pastor and we’ll be asking worship leaders, kids ministry directors, youth leaders, etc to all donate their time at first. We want to start lean and mean with people who are passionate about seeing Jesus change lives and restore families. Once each church is healthy and financially able, we’ll bring on paid staff. We need your help to pull off this incredible mission of planting 10 churches in 10 cities in 10 years so that we can transform Trumbull County for Jesus Christ! Would you consider donating any amount below? Alternatively, you can buy something from the “baby” registry we have set up on Amazon being our church is in effect, having a baby, many babies in fact. Click Here for the Amazon List.

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