Our Mission

We believe the problems facing Trumbull County are our problems and we aim to solve them, not on our own but together. When we see crime rates higher in Trumbull than anywhere in Ohio and when we see human trafficking in our region is ranked #4 in the entire United States, we are moved to tears. And now, we are moved to action.

We believe that we will see God positively change our region like He’s done in cities across America.

The vast majority of inmates in our prison are from single-parent homes, namely homes without a father.

How do we lower the percentage of single parent homes? How do we strengthen families and marriages? We teach them how to humble themselves and love one another. Where is that taught? In churches.

How do we reduce the number of drug overdose deaths to 100 or less annually? Not by making Narcan more accessible as some suggest. That’s putting a bandaid on a symptom instead of curing the disease. The disease is hopelessness. The cure? Jesus Christ. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth & the life… I have come to give you abundant life.” All who’ve given their hearts to Jesus have discovered this truth.

How do we get every child currently in the system in Trumbull County adopted? We inform Christian families through our partners. We encourage them to create lasting change in the life of a child by loving them as our Heavenly Father has loved us and made us His own. Psalm 68:5-6

How do we reduce violent crimes by 10%? We teach people the power of forgiveness and love through the Gospel of Jesus. Where is the Gospel preached? In churches.

This is why we are planting churches in Trumbull County. This is why we’re partnering with NOAS and Bella Women’s Center and others to see a positive, lasting change in our County. As our Ohio State Motto declares “With God, All Things Are Possible!”